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Cravecrafted Snacks is revolutionizing Canadian snacking with personalized, nutrient-infused snacks. Our subscription service offers health-conscious consumers tailored snacks, while our online platform allows for custom nutritional profiles. Our flagship NutriFusion Snackbox delivers these snacks to your doorstep, promoting accessible, healthy snacking without sacrificing taste. Join us in redefining snacking!

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Cravecrafted Snacks envisions reshaping the snack food industry by providing personalized, nutritious options that accommodate diverse dietary preferences. We seek to redefine snacking as a wellness moment, and empowering people with nutritional awareness and accessibility. Join us to craft a healthier snacking future!

Cravecrafted Snacks Company’s mission is to provide convenient access to delicious and nutritious snacks that fulfil our customers' diverse dietary needs. Our innovative nutrient-infusion technology, online user platform and subscription delivery system will make healthy snacking easy and enjoyable for all.

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Sidra Iftikhar


Tayaba Shah Bukhari


Saira Yousuf


What We Do


Personalized Nutrient-Infused Snacks

Cravecrafted Snacks innovates with nutrient-infused snacks, tailored to customers, using a precise nutrition infusion system for taste and health.


Convenient and Customizable Subscription Service

We offer a convenient subscription service with personalized profiles and nutrient selection for customized snack delivery to customers' doorsteps.


Nutritional Monitoring and Accessibility

Our platform enables tracking nutritional intake, adjusting profiles, and nutrient choices. Future plans include collaborating with supermarkets for wider accessibility.

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